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Tickets go on sale at 9am on Monday 15th August, but as a Weston Lawns Followers you can reserve your ticket time and date in advance by clicking the button above!



After the successful launch of Satan's Slammer in the 2021 halloween season Weston Lawns are afraid to announce it will return to frighten the life out of anyone willing to take it on!

Satan’s Slammer. A house of demonic correction. A labyrinthine prison for the diabolically insane. Their crimes – human sacrifice, experimentation, cannibalism. Death by dark arts.


It’s been a year since the mass breakout. Security has been tightened accordingly, this time there will be no escape… and those responsible for aiding and abetting have been suitably punished!


The very walls have been rebuilt, horrendous new chambers made to contain inmates. Darker, more brutal than before; bigger, badder and much much bloodier.


Demon-worshipping high priest Governor, Crowley, has since increased his diabolical intentions towards the cursed inmates. with terrible consequences: With an insane mind set loose amongst the machines, an evil genius has been meddling with the Human genome, backward engineering the very essence of humanity to dreadful effect.

Some say the inmates are no longer human, that would account for the otherworldly, primal screams, and that the backward beasts have the strength of 10 men. Witness the very depths of human depravity, and of it’s unholy alliance with the most fearful primeval forces that dark nature can imagine, as souls are harvested to feed the never sated hunger of their Demonic overlord.


Witness the true horror of genetic mutilation in a psychotically fast-paced trip of terror through the depths of Hell on Earth! You’ll laugh, you’ll scream.. you’ll need spare underpants (prison issue naturally)


You can look forwards to 25 minutes of terror trapped as an inmate inside one of the UK’s biggest and most extreme scare attractions.. Those bold enough will find a way out… maybe… but be warned what you encounter will drive you to the very edge of sanity – prepare to meet the face of pure evil as you travel the Devil’s own dungeons!


Nominated for Best New Scare Attraction in the 2021 Scare Awards.




This is an EXTREME level scare attraction designed to unsettle and terrify - recommended for adults only, not suitable at all for young children. If you do have kids that like this sort of thing, the very minimum age we would recommend would be 14.



Masters of Horror, Area 51 have been designing scare attractions for 20 years. Renowned for their special effects and creature creation, they’ve delivered ridiculously frightening encounters across the UK and as far afield as Dubai – and they annually supply Jonathan Ross with suitably sinister entertainment for his legendary Halloween Party. Scare Projects are award winning Horror experience designers who scooped Best New Scare Attraction 2018 for Garden of Ghouls. Together, they are behind Road to Hell live action horror drive, Whatton House of Horror and of course last year’s Satan’s Slammer – ALL nominees or recipients of silverware at the prestigious Scare Awards.


Q: Is there an age restriction?


A: Satan’s Slammer is not meant for kids. Please use your discretion and common sense to decide whether your (teenager) may enjoy the experience – whilst there is no nudity or graphic violence, there is an atmosphere of threat throughout the attraction and plenty of references to unholy activities, along with a high probability of foul language.


Q: How long does the experience last


A: 20 mins approx..


Q: What time should we arrive/ what happens if we are late?


A: We recommend you are onsite at least 20mins before your allocated time zone. If you are late we will try and accommodate you at the end of your time zone or move you on to the next one depending on how late you are. We will always try to help, but at busy times it will be at the discretion of the operators on the night as to whether we can help and how long it may take.


Q. What do I do on arrival?


A: You will be directed to the car park and advised from there. If you have chosen to come early to use the events centre then once again we will tell you where to go.


Q: Will there be anything else to do when I’m there?


A: YES! Our state of the art events centre will be themed for Halloween and open for drinks and food each night. Why not make a night of it? Contact our events centre for up to date details.


Q: Are there any toilets on site?


A: Yes we will have toilets available. If you are travelling a long distance please make sure you leave plenty of time before your time slot to relieve yourself.


Q: Are my tickets refundable or transferable?


A: If an event is cancelled, ticket holders will be offered tickets at any rescheduled dates (subject to availability) up to the face value of the tickets. We regret that tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase unless the event is cancelled. For further information see our ticket partners website - (scroll to the bottom of page for terms and conditions)


Q: What do I wear?


A: You’ll be under cover, but you will be exploring in a darkened environment and may also receive splatters of theatrical blood and slime, so don’t wear your Sunday best!





• Anyone under the influence of drugs, illicit compounds or alcohol will be refused admission; the management reserve the right to refuse entry.


• Any aggressive behaviour will result in immediate ejection without a refund.


• If you suffer from epilepsy or any other condition affected by the use of strobe lighting, loud noises or terror effects we recommend you do not attend this event.


• Please do not attend the event if you’re pregnant or suffer from any heart conditions.


• We ask that you do not attend should you feel unwell or have been in contact with anyone who has any of COVID 19 symptoms


• If an event is cancelled, ticket holders will be offered tickets at any rescheduled dates (subject to availability) up to the face value of the tickets. We regret that tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase unless the event is cancelled. For further information see our ticket partner’s website -

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